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At Lowes Transport we have invested in the future by setting up our web-based GPS and GPRS vehicle tracking system which allows you as a customer to access our system to get real-time updates about the location of your freight and the estimated time of arrival.

Using the power of GPS and GPRS technology, manifests can be passed to vehicles and viewed on our driver’s handheld device almost instantly. The vehicle’s progress can then be monitored in real-time, and tracked on a map using your provided login details.

As a customer of Lowes Transport you are now able to key a job directly into our traffic system via a screen within our website. You can then drill down into each job to view its details. From here you can edit the job, cancel it, view its status and conformance details and even check the signature of the person receiving the goods.

Track vehicles in real-time
Experience live vehicle tracking through our user-friendly, asset tracking software. View all vehicles on a live map, whether they are parked up or on the move, ensuring that you know where your assets and vehicles are located at all times.

Vehicle Tracking
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Vehicle Tracking
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Vehicle Tracking
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